There are a great number of benefits in implementing an exercise program into one’s life and research has proven that it can bolster mental performance.


Employers are discovering that healthy employees are more productive, miss fewer work days, and are happier. Providing health benefits is a good start, but employees sometimes lack the knowledge to make healthier lifestyle choices.

I design programs that align with your specific goals and level of fitness. From injury recovery to Olympic lifting, I focus completely on where you are and where you want to go. I specialize in:

  • Strength and power training
  • Rehabilitation and functional training
  • Muscle building and bodybuilding
  • Fat loss
  • Circuit training
  • Program development

To help you reach your goals, I recommend combining personal training with nutritional consultation. Eating properly for your specific activities and lifestyle can make the difference between achieving your full potential or getting stalled at the same performance level.



Good nutrition is more than going on the latest diet. It’s a lifestyle that affects your body, your mood, your energy, your sleep, and your longevity.

Many people are overwhelmed by conflicting information (often spouted by paid celebrities) about what they should or shouldn’t eat. The headlines promise fast weight loss. The models in fitness magazines have perfect bodies. None of this reflects reality.

Real healthy eating is sustainable, progress is gradual and permanent, and success isn’t measured using one number on a scale. I provide complete guidance on your journey to better nutrition and a body you will feel proud of.

I also use my nutrition training help clients make healthy choices that support their training and lifestyle. I don’t promote one way of eating for everyone. I take your individual needs and preferences into account and work with you to get rid of harmful eating habits and create new, healthier ones.


Let's work together to build a more resilient,
healthy and productive team!