I am a woman who embodies Fortitude and enriches the lives of those around me.


"My goal is to polish the brilliant gem inside every client I work with, and optimize their full potential through physical, mental, emotional and spiritual training. Let’s work together to make your life shine!"

As a child, I was a true “Jean Louise Finch”, a nonconformist, curious and courageous tomboy with an unconventional upbringing. Being the youngest of four, I was the less complicated and more free-spirited child that enjoyed the company of my own imagination. I spent a lot of my childhood tinkering away with tools at the jeweler’s bench and learned how to manipulate metal at the touch of fire and oxygen, recognize the smell of various chemicals, and eventually, fashion jewellery with precision. Working with people’s most precious possessions taught me to value precision and quality, and to appreciate the uniqueness of every piece. My skills were refined to the point where Tiffany & Co. entrusted me with all of their jewellery repairs in Canada.

My coaching career also began at the early age of thirteen, working as a swim instructor for the City of Toronto for seven years. Having an inherent mechanical mind, I pursued additional courses in sports mechanics and developed my own swimming curriculum. Concurrently, my leadership extended to various sports teams I participated in high school, which included rugby, volleyball, track & field and field hockey. In my senior year, I received three MVPs, female athlete of the year and was chosen to be among the top 15 athletes in the Greater Toronto Area in 2006.

Forged from the jewellery industry, came a fitness/ high performance coach who likes to produce flawless outcomes and place quality of the utmost importance. After 20 years in the jewellery industry, I moved on to work in various industries, gaining a breadth and depth of experience that is unparalleled. I also travelled around the world and sought different philosophical approached to training. I received an MBA from IE Business School in Madrid and was the only female to play on the men’s rugby team. Furthermore, I won five medals at the MBAT games—an athletics tournament amongst MBA schools in Europe.

What does this have to do with performance consulting? Our most precious possession is truly our health and wellbeing. I will treat yours with the same attention to detail, quality and precision that I once devoted to gold and diamonds. Everybody is unique and needs personal assessment and attention to become the polished masterpiece that lies within.


Let's work together to build a more resilient,
healthy and productive team!